Theory of Action

Retail is a significant part of the economy; more sophisticated and technologically challenging High quality workforce in retail industry Make education more accessible Attract more people to the industry Identify and remove barriers to education Define clear career pathways Elevate retail as a viable career Build data capacity Hire student support staff Create online modules Support use of online technology Maximize program flexibility Facilitate employer support Revalidate and align retail management curriculum Allow credit for work experience Stack, lattice, and accelerate credentials Create transfer and articulation opportunities Recruit students Use workforce and community organizations Engage employers through partnerships Strengthen partnerships through industry associations Students who traditionally avoid school succeed Students acquire a certificate More students enroll in retail management program For certificate students: Gain employment, Receive promotion, Enjoy wage increase, Continue education; For colleges: Achieve more student completions, Offer more relevant curriculum to students pursuing employment, Tap into additional funding sources; For retail employers: Gain high quality workforce, Promote a culture of learning and growing in employees, More colleges offer RMC programs