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As part of the Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training (TAACCCT) grant, all grantees were required to hire a third party evaluator (TPE) to document the lessons learned and report outcomes. IMPAQ International was contracted in 2014 to conduct an implementation and outcome evaluation of the ACT-On TAACCCT Grant. IMPAQ examined the successes and challenges related to each strategy of the program and created 3 reports for continuous improvement during the grant period. Data for the evaluation came from various sources, including phone interviews, site visits, surveys, participant data, academic data, grant finance records, and Unemployment Insurance (UI) records.

The study addresses the following research questions:

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Study Methodology [PDF] Appendix [PDF]

Dr. Karen Armstrong, Ms. Lauren Lochocki, Ms. Colleen McLelland, Mr. Luke Patterson, Dr. Samuel Kofi Ampaabeng, and Dr. Hautahi Kingi

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